Pathways Norwich is a ‘housing led’ service, which means we will seek to find suitable accommodation based on the need of the individual rather than the individual needing to fit a predesigned housing route. Where this is not available and the housing need is urgent then the quickest route may be the only one open to the individual in the first instance while we continue to pursue alternative options.

Accommodation will be offered based on the need of each person. Support needs can change over time, going up or down, therefore regular assessment of need will help determine if someone is in the best environment to meet those needs. For example, someone may be in recovery from alcohol and is able to live in a low support need service where there may be some tolerance to a brief relapse. If relapse becomes more frequent and dependency is apparent then a move back to a medium or high support need service would be appropriate to reduce the likelihood of eviction and to support the person to work on recovery. The goal is greater independence, but it may take several steps back and forth before this is achieved.

The Pathways Norwich team can offer support to people who are threatened with homelessness in order to prevent rough sleeping but this does not automatically lead to the offer of accommodation.

Individuals that are eligible for statutory provision for care and support, or where a statutory duty for housing exists will be directed to engage with the appropriate statutory provider. Pathways Norwich is not, nor can it be a replacement for statutory services.

The Pathways team encompasses a range of specialisms in order to focus advice and support where it is most needed. They are employed by the partner organisations involved in order to draw on the skills, training and support resources of each provider.

  • Advanced Nurse Practitioners (physical health and mental health – City Reach)

  • Housing & Benefit advice (Shelter)

  • Criminal Justice Liaison (St Martins)

  • No second night out and sit up support (St Martins)

  • Community Housing Support (St Martins)

  • General Needs Support (Salvation Army)

  • Youth Housing advice & Support (YMCA Norfolk)

  • Volunteer co-ordinator (The Feed)