Matt’s Story

Matt, 27 had a chaotic and disorganised lifestyle and was at risk of re-offending and of overdosing. The Pathways outreach team came across Matt during their early morning street count and returned later on to find out more about him and his situation. He was housed at Bishopbridge House and, through an enormous personal effort and through the support of (Change, Grow, Live) CGL, he has managed to come off the drugs and stop drinking.

To ensure Matt has the best chance of recovery, it was crucial for him to move to an environment that was completely free of people using these substances so he moved into the Dry House which is one of the accommodation options offered by Pathways.

Matt has more money in his pocket now that he has stopped using drugs and has started to look after himself and take care of his appearance. His long term ambition is to live independently and to rent his own flat. Short term, he aims to remain drug and alcohol free, and with support from the Pathways team he has an excellent chance of achieving this.

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